About The Show

The show takes on the contemporary topics that matter today, while always including its audience in its discussions. The Inclusion show features different points of focus for its weekly program.

By My Guest

     Featuring a guest to discuss issues of importance and relevance to the guest. Guests will be drawn from the world of politics, music, arts, religion, community activism, sports and media. The format will be “no holds barred” allowing the guest and Wallace Ford to engage in frank and uniquely interesting discussions about whatever topics arise.  Wallace Ford’s multifaceted polymath background that will allow him to comfortably engage political leaders on one program followed by jazz innovators the next time. It should also be noted that the broad career and life experience of Wallace Ford provides the show with access to a very exciting and wide variety of guests that will be of interest to various segments of the audience of The Inclusion Show.

From the Heart

       Wallace Ford is also the creator and author of the “Point of View” contemporary commentary blog – www.wallaceford.wordpress.com. During the “From the Heart” segment of The Inclusion Show he will present a brief, spontaneous commentary based on subjects covered by the “Point of View” blog posts.  

 The Inclusion Show is promoted as the show that “includes” the viewer by asking the questions and pursuing the conversations that the viewer would wish to hear if they were hosting the show.                                                                                                                                                                                             

During a career that spans several decades, Wallace has worked as an international attorney, an investment banker, a university professor, a senior government official (New York State and New York City), a management consultant and a venture capitalist. He is the author of two published novels, creator of the Point of View contemporary commentary blog – www.wallaceford.wordpress.com, and has written for numerous publications.

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